FCI Agency


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


FCI Agency was founded in 2005 when Jeff Walker combined three existing Greenville insurance agencies. Jeff, a second-generation insurance agent, brought together the experience and talent of these three businesses to create an independent agency with the ability to meet any insurance need.

As an independent insurance agency, we're able to serve our customers better. We use a sophisticated system to compare rates from many insurance carriers and find the best coverage for our customers. It's satisfying to know that we are helping our customers protect the people and things that matter to them.

Around here, we say that each of our policies comes with an agent. Our customers love having a single point of contact for all of their insurance needs. If they need to change policies or coverage amounts, they can do that with a simple phone call. Best of all, they never have to change agents! Our customers also love our flexibility on details like paying with credit cards, making monthly payments, paying online, or paying through our local office.


Our People

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Doug Walker, CIC

Principal & Sales Manager

(864) 412-3421

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Daniel Walker, AAI

Personal Lines account Manager

(864) 412-3426

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Suzanne Lindner

Account Manager

(864) 412-3428

2017_02_10-FCI Agency Shots-10_38_18-3044.jpg

Colin Walters

Outside Sales Agent

(864) 712-5858

2017_02_10-FCI Agency Shots-10_36_56-2993.jpg

Jessica Piedrahita

Customer Service Specialist

(864) 642-1611

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Linda Crouse

Account Manager & Sales

(864) 712-5862


Ed Brashier, AAI

Outside Sales Agent

(864) 412-3420

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Jacob Gregory

Outside Sales Agent

(864) 416-3653

2017_02_10-FCI Agency Shots-10_34_11-2909.jpg

Julie Tucker

Account Manager & Sales

(864) 712-5861

2017_05_02-FCI Hopper-09_56_13_6068.jpg

Amanda Hopper

Outside Sales Agent

(864) 590-4503

2017_02_10-FCI Agency Shots-10_32_04-2854.jpg

Kristen Weimann

Outside Sales Agent

(864) 430-0436